There are a lot of reasons businesses might decide to move from one software product, suite, or package to another. In some cases the switch might have to do with pricing. In other instances the deciding factor might be a certain package of features, or even the aesthetics in terms of menus and colors.

No matter what the reason, though, changing the software you and your employees use isn’t a decision you should make lightly. That’s because moving from one solution to another might not be as straightforward or seamless as you think.

Here is why businesses sometimes have trouble integrating new software…

Some Features May Not Be Included
It’s unfortunate, but software companies don’t always deliver on their promises. In particular, you could find that getting the features you want requires you to pay for additional services or upgrades. Or, you could purchase a new application and discover that it hasn’t been properly tested yet.

These types of problems are relatively rare (as they should be) it, but it makes sense to do your homework before replacing software you have with a solution that isn’t proven yet.

Compatibility Issues Can Stall Your Productivity
Naturally, most business decision-makers wouldn’t think of buying a software package that wasn’t compatible with the apps or devices they already use. However, many unknowingly invest in products that may conflict with other software or operating systems that aren’t as obvious.

In other words, it’s a good idea to be sure that what you want to purchase will work well in the operating environment you have in your office.

Employees Need to Learn New Apps
Even if your new software works exactly as it’s supposed to, it could take your team a while to master workflows and shortcuts. As a result, they could actually be slower and less efficient even if they are using a superior product.

This isn’t any reason to put off software upgrades forever, of course, but it is a reminder to invest in training along with the software package itself.

Deciding on Software Changes the Smart Way
It’s possible that someone skimming this article would consider the points we are making and conclude that we were suggesting they never change the software they use. That’s not our suggestion at all. Instead, what we want is for business owners and executives to think about why they are making a change, what they’ll get in return, and whether they have a good strategy in place (rather than a simple sense of hope).

Getting new software can help you do more and save money, but only if you go into the process aware of the risks and opportunities that are in front of you.

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