We often use the Fantastic IT blog to explore high-level technical topics, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deal with the day-to-day issues and annoyances that might be plaguing your business.

To help illustrate that, and get you thinking about some of the ways we could help your company, today we want to highlight a dozen different issues a company like ours can help you get past. Here are 12 that our clients regularly struggle with, listed in no particular order.

#1 Device Syncing Problems

There aren’t many things as frustrating as having a smart phone or tablet that won’t sync with your mail servers or desktop devices. A good IT professional can troubleshoot these sorts of problems in a very short amount of time, but you have to call for assistance first.

#2 Network Errors

If you find that you can only connect to your network sporadically, or that connections drop off without warning, there could be a couple of tweaks that are needed to fix the issue. Or, it could be a sign that more serious problems are waiting. Either way you should get help from an IT professional.

#3 Network Security Issues

Even worse than having no one able to connect to your network is knowing that it’s an open door for strangers across the internet. If you suspect your security isn’t as strong as it should be, or see suspicious activity on your network, you need good IT help.

#4 Dropped VOIP Calls

VOIP systems are increasingly popular because they offer feature-rich communications tools at low monthly prices. However, if you find your calls are being slowed, or even dropped, on a regular basis it’s time to call your IT provider.

#5 System-Crashing Error Screens

The “blue screen of death” is one of the worst things you can see when you’re working on an important project or document. It’s also a surefire sign you need to contact a good IT provider for assistance fixing your hardware or software problem.

#6 Malware Problems

Malware and viruses can slow your workstations down. They can also infect your server and help hackers gain access to sensitive data. If you think you might have malicious code on company computers there is no time to waste – get a good IT team working on the problem.

#7 Corrupted Backup Files

Backup files are the safety net that protects you against drive failures, cyber attacks, and other tech -related nuisances. But, if yours aren’t current and secure, you should work with your vendor to put a better plan into place.

#8 Inaccessible Data or Files

Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling that comes with noticing some of your files are suddenly missing? When that happens, your best bet is usually to call a trained technician who can find your data and prevent the problem from spreading.

#9 New Workstation Setup

If you have a new employee or workstation, you want them to hit the ground running at full productivity. That means having a workstation, email, and software package set up and ready to go. This is another area where a good IT vendor can be lots of help.

#10 Outdated Software Packages

Many business owners cling to outdated software packages because they like using programs they know and trust. However, outdated software can be slow, insecure, and prone to issues of compatibility. A good IT vendor can help you find more modern solutions.

#11 Computer Hardware Failures

Computer hardware failures – and especially hard drives that stop reading information – can be a major and costly problem. The right IT vendor can help you recover crucial data, and even spot hardware warning signs before they result in expensive losses.

#12 Tangled Cords and Fire Hazards

Do you have big tangled bunches of cords located around your office? Are there safety hazards you know are present but have been ignoring? If so, this might be the perfect time to have an IT team take a look and sort out any obvious risks before it’s too late.

Dealing with Minor IT Headaches Every Day?

The Fantastic IT technical team in Southern California has earned a reputation for being friendly, proficient, and cost-effective. If you want an IT vendor who shows up when you need help and puts your business first, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.