Because technology is our area of expertise, we spend a lot of time thinking (and posting) about actual hardware and software. Most of what we have to say about productivity, budgeting, or management relates back to technical tools and processes.

As we like to point out, though, technology doesn’t work in a vacuum. A particular tool or investment is only valuable if it helps your business grow or function. And, the things that make you and your team more productive can also enhance your use of technology.

In other words, there are things you can do to get more from your computers, mobile devices, and software that don’t have anything to do with tech itself. In today’s post, we want to highlight three of them so you can get a sense of this concept. Let’s begin with a factor so simple and powerful that it is easy to overlook…

#1 Lighting

When your workspace has lots of natural light, many good things happen. Not only is it easier to see what you are actually working on, but energy levels rise, creativity improves, and stress decreases.

The added bit of mental clarity you get from a well-lit office or facility has an almost endless number of carryover benefits. One of them is that you (and your employees) have an easier time using screens and applications. Strange as it might sound, improving your lighting is often a better way to improve output and morale than investing in new workstations.

#2 Ergonomics

Most of what we said about light could carry directly over into the field of ergonomics. Studies have shown again and again that little things like sitting comfortably and having desks and screens at the right height can have a massive effect on energy and productivity.

You might think that improving the ergonomics in your company means buying expensive furniture or hiring a high-priced consultant. Those things might help, but you can get the basics from common sense and a handful of YouTube videos. If you or your team is always feeling tired and unfocused, it might be a good idea to re-examine the way you’re using your working spaces.

#3 Training

This is another factor that’s incredibly easy to overlook even though the benefits are self-evident. Having the best hardware or software in the world means very little if your team doesn’t know how to use it. And so, adequate training should be a top priority – particularly when you have new staff members or new technology.

You should never assume your employees know how to use a piece of technology correctly, even if they are familiar with the basics. Often, an hour or two of instruction can help them save dozens or hundreds of hours of work per year. Good training can also help cut down on costly mistakes with data entry and security.

Does Your Business Need a New Approach to IT?

With the right tools and strategy, you can use IT to get a huge advantage over your competitors. If you’ve spent too many years thinking of technology as just another expense or responsibility for your business, then it’s time to get better advice. 

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