Technology can be transformative for businesses. It can increase efficiency, open up new profit corridors, and turn mundane and annoying tasks into automated processes. Best of all, it can do all of these things while blending seamlessly into the fabric of your routine.

Unfortunately, though, tech can also be very creepy.

More and more consumers are paying attention to this unsavory side of technology. We continually hear about data breaches, advanced web tracking, and even suspicions of mobile phones “spying” on their owners. Even if you aren’t the kind of person who subscribes to conspiracy theories, there are genuine concerns about the use of things like website cookies and digital assistant voice recording features.

To this savvy business owner or executive, this can create a conundrum. On the one hand, you’ll want to maximize your efficiency and profitability with the use of technology. But on the other, you probably don’t want to continually worry about spreading sensitive information around – for yourself, your customers, or your employees.

In today’s post, we want to give you a handful of tips you can use to keep your tech from following you a little too closely…

Get Familiar With Your Privacy Settings

One of the simplest ways to control the flow of information from your business or cell phone to marketers and outside parties is to simply get familiar with your privacy settings. Most of the tech products you use, from tablets to social media apps, give you the ability to control what can or can’t be logged or sent from your device.

If the process of managing these settings feels overwhelming, check out a YouTube tutorial or call your favorite IT technician for help.

Don’t Overshare Online

Often, business owners assume they have been targeted by sophisticated hackers when in reality they gave their own information away. Just as you shouldn’t post that you’re on vacation because someone might break into your home, you should be careful about posting information about clients, employees, or sensitive processes online.

By simply being aware of common-sense data security and taking routine steps to change your passwords once in a while, you can go a long way towards shielding yourself from prying eyes.

Balance Productivity Against Personal Space

In the same way that we want you to be careful about letting other companies and individuals track you for advertising (or something more sinister), we would also encourage you to set policies that are respectful of others. Don’t use apps or agreements that allow you to invade the privacy of website visitors, customers, or employees.

There isn’t anything wrong with using marketing insights of web analytics, for instance. Just don’t put the people you rely on to run your business in a spot where they have to choose between your policies and their own sense of confidentiality.

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