Successful entrepreneurs are almost always bargain-hunters. They have to be. Someone who gets into the habit of paying full retail for everything will have a difficult time managing the dozens or hundreds of different obligations coming their way as their business grows.

Knowing that, it’s never a surprise when a client comes to us with an unconventional idea that might save some cash. What they usually want to know is: can I cut costs (or corners) without hurting my business?

There are never easy or generic answers when it comes to bargain hunting and technology. So, let’s look at both sides of the coin.

There Are Deals Out There to Save Money
There are lots of ways to get the tech you want while saving money. You can buy older, used, or reconditioned equipment. You can get discounts for buying in bulk. You can even take advantage of rebates, incentives, and trade-ins.

Those are all fairly common ways of getting technology for less, and taking advantage of them usually won’t hurt you. You might want to be careful buying used tech, especially if it has a lot of wear and tear or there are licensing issues to consider. Assuming you don’t go too wild, however, you can probably get a good deal on what you need without sacrificing quality or durability.

Going further down the road, you could explore recycled products. You could also consider buying from third-party providers or getting off-brand substitutes for items like mobile devices or ink cartridges. You might even try to find the items you need in other countries or through private sellers you find on sites like eBay.

The difference here is that these kinds of bargains could help you save huge amounts of money, but also bring much bigger risks.

…But Always Check the Fine Print
The further you get from a “normal” business technology purchase – i.e., a situation where you get something from an authorized sales rep or well-known retailer – the closer you have to scrutinize everything. That’s because some deals might come without the warranties and assurances you want, or could involve unlicensed technology that could cause you legal or practical issues later.

This isn’t to say you can’t look for big bargains, just that you always need to investigate a situation before writing a check or giving your credit card number. As with most bargain-hunting situations, you are trading time for money. The less something costs (compared to retail or wholesale prices), the more careful you should be.

Of course, it helps if you have the right IT provider on your side to double-check serial numbers, compatibility, and other fine-print issues that could turn into headaches. A little preparation goes a long way, especially when you’re trying to save money with technology investments.

Looking for the Best in Business IT Care?
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