5 Signs It’s Time to Ditch an IT Provider

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Are you stuck in a bad relationship? Do you find yourself giving and giving, only to be ignored in return? Don’t worry – we aren’t asking about your love life. Instead, we want you to think about the service you get from your outsourced IT provider. Every week, we hear from business owners and executives who are finally deciding to … Read More

3 Underrated Benefits of Managed Services

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When explaining managed services agreements to business owners and executives, we sometimes hear new clients refer to outsourced IT care as a form of insurance. In a way, they are right – by working with a technology provider on a monthly contract, you can spare yourself large, unexpected invoices associated with IT emergencies. However, there are other aspects to managed … Read More

Is Your IT Department Ready for the Holidays?

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The holidays are right around the corner, and while that might be good news for everyone who wants to enjoy some time off with family and friends, it can be lots of challenges for your IT department. That’s because your hardware and software doesn’t know you’re due for some relaxation, and it’s not uncommon for outages and other issues to … Read More

Can You Afford to Go Without Good IT Consulting?

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Talk to a handful of business owners and executives about IT consulting, and you’ll undoubtedly run into a few who swear they either don’t need it or can’t afford it. Those are understandable misconceptions to believe when you’re trying to save money and reduce complexity within your company. However, they are also points of view that are incredibly shortsighted. That’s … Read More

3 Conclusions From Fantastic IT’s Fastest 5000 Award From Inc. Magazine

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As you might have heard, Fantastic IT was recently named one of the fastest-growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine. This was our first time qualifying for this particular honor, and we couldn’t be more proud. It’s only because of the support we get from our wonderful clients that we’ve been able to keep expanding by leaps and bounds. With … Read More

Why Outsourcing IT Makes Your Company More Flexible

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In the past decade, we have seen huge transformations within the IT industry. It used to be the case that small and medium-sized businesses only called an outsourced provider when they had a technology problem they couldn’t solve; now, most are using contractors on a more proactive managed services arrangement. This has worked so well that fewer and fewer organizations … Read More

The Truth About IT Disasters

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Is your business protected from IT disasters and data loss? Most companies aren’t, and there is a simple reason why. With all due respect to insurance adjusters, nobody likes to think about worst-case scenarios. It’s much easier to imagine everything will be okay and there aren’t any risks than it is to spend time (and possibly money) preparing for something … Read More

4 Times You Really Need a Good IT Partner

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For some business owners and executives, scheduling a meeting with an outsourced IT vendor is a little bit like setting up a dentist appointment or visiting the DMV – they’ll put it off until the last possible moment. However, the longer you wait to get experienced help with the tech challenges you are facing, the bigger those challenges are likely … Read More

Why Managed Services is Better Than Break/Fix

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The “managed services” approach to IT has become more popular in recent years, with many companies making the switch to managed IT. If your business still relies on the old approach, known as break/fix, you’re overspending on IT — and falling behind your competitors. Get the facts on why managed services are better than break/fix to convince holdouts to make … Read More

Is Data Backup Worth it?

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Is Data Backup Worth it? Absolutely it is. In this blog, we take a hard look at the stats around data loss and what that means for businesses of all sizes. Data Loss It’s Huge Data loss has become such a commonplace occurrence that your average insurance company is adding data loss coverage to their service offerings. For the most … Read More

The Cloud – How Do You Know It’s Right For You

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Spend enough time around tech and you’ll hear the term cloud being thrown around a lot. Whether it is the cloud you hear about that backs up your smartphone contacts, pictures and videos, or the collaborative cloud for your business systems, it seems like “the cloud” has cemented itself in the tech lexicon. The problem is that the majority of … Read More

What’s Driving Managed IT Services in 2017

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With the passing of every year, managed service IT firms grow and evolve to cover different technical competencies. Customer needs change, new markets open, and technologies debut that change the way small businesses operate. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have to constantly adapt to both technological changes and operational changes spurred by the businesses they serve. There’s an element of service … Read More

Managed Service Providers and IT – Why It Makes Sense For Small Business Owners

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You might be asking yourself – what’s a managed service provider, and what do they want to do with my IT? Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the tech sector are some of the fastest-growing business types that transfer and outsource day-to-day tech management from business to provider to strategically drive efficiency, lower service costs, and utilize support staff with real-world … Read More

Five Tech Questions for Small Business Owners

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Social media savvy. Blogging proficiency. Security solutions. Cloud integration. Backup data. Team productivity. Chances are you’ve heard about these hot topics and how they make or break your business in 2017. There’s a new wave of technologies that make these processes fairly simple, but the majority of business owners are mired in the day to day tasks of their business. … Read More